Fully Featured Drestyle nopCommerce Fashion Theme

Latest featured DreStyle nopCommerce fashion theme design in 2017. DreStyle is responsive nopCommerce fashion theme which can be used according to your needs and requirements. It includes a lot of custom theme designing features. This nopCommerce theme design is Fully responsive, customizable and Compatible with nopCommerce 3.8. Theme contains clean and bespoke design features, furnished by our professional nopCommerce theme designers. Our success is that you will get the quality theme product and reduce your time to market for the launch of an eCommerce store. Here, DreStyle nopCommerce theme design contains lots of unique features and also enabled powerful [...]

Retrieve more than 1000 Records from Microsoft Dynamics GP customer

Here is the trick for MS Dynamics GP programming. The first thing, there is no any paging facility provide in Microsoft GP. And Microsoft GP API calls return 1000 record, but what if you want to load all the data. Let's we take one example for deeply understand.   Suppose, If you have 10,000 customer records in the RM00101 table, you will only receive the first 1000 of them when you call the GetCustomerList method with no criteria, now, what to do if you want to receive remaining data.   Here is the sample C# code for Customer List [...]

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How to Check Network Connection at Every Second in Ionic App

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Ionic app developers. Who are using Cordova-network plugin for checking Internet connectivity. And I am going to explain a network related problem. Which I faced during development of the Ionic app using MS visual studio and Mac OS. Hope this will help to the Ionic app development community. Problem: I am working in Ionic (using visual studio tools for apache cordova) In my mobile application. Especially, when I have more than 15 pages. Thus, I need to check internet connectivity available or not on every action. But I can’t find any solution that [...]

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What is Firebase? Why and How to Setup Firebase?

What is Firebase? Firebase is real-time database using cloud technology. That permits you to make application without server side coding and Rest APIs. All the database related action will be managed by firebase. So, you just need to focus on Front side. Rest of all back end side will be managed by firebase services like user management, User authentication, database management, Synchronization of data etc. We just need to do some settings on our website or mobile apps for using firebase services. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Firebase cloud database? Based on my ongoing R&D in December [...]

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What is The Difference between xamarin.Auth and xamarin.facebook (native)?

In this article, I am going to share with you what is xamarin.auth and xamarin.facebook, what is the difference between xamarin.auth and xamarin.facebook and how to use both xamarin component in xamarin.forms project. Nowadays, everyone is connected via social sites anywhere in the world, As we know that one of the best social sites is Facebook. Due to this popularity for Xamarin mobile apps, it becomes very easy to signup or sign in using Facebook rather than registering manually on different native mobile apps. Let's look at here. 1. Xamarin.auth Xamarin.Auth helps to developer [...]

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How to Setup Default Loading Image before real product image loads in Ionic applications?

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow iOS10 app developers who are using Ionic/Cordova framework. I am going to explain the problem of setup loading image. which I faced during development of an ionic app using Microsoft visual studio and Mac OS. Hope this will help to mobile app development community or individual Ionic app developer. Problem: I am working in Ionic (using visual studio tools for apache Cordova) In My Ionic application. Suppose, I need to display default loading image before actual product image loads. Because my page was not looking good until my actual product images are not [...]

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Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Build Failed: Error code 65 for command when using Xcode 8 and iOS 10

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow developers who are using visual studio tools for apache Cordova with or without an ionic framework. I am going to explain the problem which I faced during development of an ionic app using MS visual studio and Mac OS. hope this will help to the community. Problem: Earlier was running my Ionic app with Xcode 7.2 and IOS 9.2 using visual studio tools for apache Cordova. Its was working fine and automatically detect Provisional Profile for my app. But when I have to upgrade My Xcode from version 7.2 to Xcode 8 version [...]

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Get Christmas Holiday Plugin for Your nopCommerce Stores

 What is nopCommerce Holiday Notice & Effects Plugin? This nopCommerce plugin is developed for displaying customized holiday messages related to offering or delivery of order during Christmas season and also you can enable snowflake effects on all the nopCommerce pages. In addition, you can enable sticky footers of Christmas effects. We design fully responsive and attractive looks and feel of nopCommerce holiday plugin. So this plugin will work for your mobile users as well. Store customers/buyers can read holiday notices and offers directly when they open any page on your store. Here are The Key Features of Our Christmas Holiday [...]

Real Time IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions

Roles and Responsibility in IT Project Management In IT Project management,  coordinator ideally perform many task during whole day. And this role covers a lot of responsibility in the organization like. IT Project coordinator involve from initial step of project to last step of project until  delivery source code of project to client. He/She keep eye on the tasks after the planning phase. Project Coordinator’s role is to coordinate activities and scheduling all task and Notify any task schedule to the project manager. Reporting to PM if any coordination issues which Coordinator cannot be resolved. Needs to define teams [...]

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Challenges in Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with Magento

Introduction In this article, I am going to put some light on different ways to connect Microsoft dynamics GP from Magento, Magento is using PHP language. So, I am going to show different integration options available for a PHP developer to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides two types of web services Legacy Service Native Service Why has MS Dynamics GP two services? First of all, what ASMX web service? Basically, ASMX web services are easy to use and are hosted on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IIS). This web service is developed in 2001-2002 when .net framework 1.1. Now [...]

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