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Chintan Prajapati
Chintan PrajapatiFounder & Enthusiast Programmer
Chintan possess 10+ years of experience in programming, team leading and project management.

Welcome to Satva Solutions!

Today SatvaSolution is a successful venture because of its people, its attained expertise and its technological assets. At SatvaSolution the best whiz, have risen up to the biggest challenges and delivered across the extensive arrays. To simply put, that gives us the imperative scholarly pool, hands on experience and greater exposure.

As a adaptable, lean, readily equipped ‘in house team’ we are cluster of innovative designers, web developers, engineers, system architects and others whose artistry go beyond job descriptions. Almost all of these are people who have demonstrated their virtuosity in their particular skill areas in more than one project in the past.

Every member of the SatvaSolution’s team carries with them the hallmark- SatvaSolution’s drive to transcend and deliver as professed.

T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More!