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We are at Satva Solution, we are developing a mobile application for the iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. we have just developed Theory Test eLearning mobile app named as a Smart Leather Theory Test mobile app.

Let me discuss some features and functionalities of the eLearning mobile app. this mobile app basically based on car driving theory test. This Theory Test App helps you to prepare for your driving theory test using your iPhone, Android or any device because it’s a cross-platform mobile app.

This Theory App enables you to prepare for your theory test by allowing you to practice the official Driving Standards Agency (DSA) test questions and even take a test which is designed to be just like the real test situation.

Theory app contains all the questions are from the DSA question bank and will enable you to track and increase your performance by more learning and practicing the questions you will get on your actual test.

Amazing Features of the Theory Test Mobile App:

  • Easy to use interface with your progress displayed and theory test time left. If you stop the test you can continue where you left off or start a new test.
  • Full DSA question bank of over 1000 of the latest official DSA questions, including all categories from the official test.
  • Practice questions will enable you to select in increments of 10 a number of questions you’d like to practice on. So if you are limited for a time you can always do a few questions at a time before doing the test mode.
  • Revise the entire bank of questions presented to you by category, eliminating the element of surprise questions.
  • A full explanation of the answer is shown to you if you get the answer wrong.
  • Scoring at the end of each test will provide you with a percentage score, highlighting whether you passed or failed the test.
  • Test mode designed to mimic the actual test conditions – 50 questions in 50 minutes. The test is timed so you know how long it has taken for you to complete and scored so you know what your pass rate is.
  • Your best and worst category is displayed at the end of the test so you know where to focus your learning on.
  • Large images making it easier to see on the Apple screen.
  • Ability to view all of the questions you took, see which you got right and which you got wrong, and see an explanation for the correct answer.

Free Version of Theory App:

Paid version of Theory App:

Free Version of Theory App:

Paid version of Theory App:

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