SMS and Call Integration in Asp.Net by Twilio API Services

SMS API integration by Twilio API

Twilio API is one of the best platforms to send SMS and Automated calls through programming. Twilio API has excellent documentation and it has .net wrapper developed using RestSharp. Sample codes are also available.

One of our projects had a requirement to have SMS notification to be sent to a customer, So we wanted to integrate SMS with Twilio API in Microsoft Project. The only thing which we could not find is that our project Assembly needs to be installed in GAC(global assembly cache) and in order to install an assembly in GAC you must use signed assembly. There are many tutorials on Google which explain how to sign an assembly using an SN.exe tool or Visual studio.  but out of them visual studio using approach is most reliable and had worked for me always.

Note: Singing assembly using visual studio will only work when you own source code, or twilioAPI is open source.

In a case of Twilio, API source code is available on Github, but that doesn’t solve a problem.

You must have to make sure that assembly which is referenced in Twilio API Project must be Signed assembly. So Now we will need Signed RestSharp.dll Assembly. And Good news is that RestSharp is also available as open source package on GitHub so all you have to do is First Create signed assembly for RestSharp. then reference signed assembly in Twilio Project. and then build solutions in release mode. that will output both signed assembly in Bin/release folder.

Following are ready to use signed assembly:


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