New trend to use Responsive Admin/Enterprise applications and role of twitter bootstrap!

A much-known web development or web application technology which is at its handsome level of likeliness among the developers and the website owners; is Responsive Web Design and Development or the Responsive Web Application. Having the best of viewing experience in any website means; having a clear view of the web contents and the navigation through the web pages in any device, irrespective of the device size. In today’s world mobile users have become increasingly high and with this, the development mobile friendly websites have also increased in a good way. There are some tools that make feasible to develop a well advanced responsive site. Twitter bootstrap is one such famous frame proposed by Twitter that helps in creating front-end web framework. It can be rightly said that this twitter bootstrap creates a responsive website in a magical way. In the following array of the article, we will be discussing on the wonderful new trend of Responsive Admin Website/applications or Responsive Enterprise website/applications and also discuss the role of twitter bootstrap in developing a Responsive websites or applications.

Introduction to Responsive Website Design:

With the growing online world, there is always a growing demand on having all information over the web in a much workable manner. With this, it becomes highly crucial making any website pretty compatible with all devices including a computer and mobile devices running on chrome for Android and apple’s Safari browser etc. Here plays the role a Responsive Web design. “Responsiveness” added to any website or application help in providing online contents that are compatible with all sizes and all kinds of devices. So with the responsive web design, it has become very much possible that you do not need to stumble a lot to get a fair mobile viewing experience of the site or to watch the web content in mobile phones with the same convenience as in the computer monitor. The existence of HTML5 and CSS3 has made it possible to grow the responsive web apps or websites in a practical manner.

Introduction to Twitter Bootstrap:

Twitter bootstrap is one of the most known web frame developed by the much-known website Twitter and is based on the LESS project which enhances CSS3 language. This modern web page framework helps infeasible development of a responsive web design or responsive web application. Bootstrap is actually an open source project, that is a durable & flexible 12 column grid system developed by the twitter developers for an open source web development technology to create front-end web framework. The home page of Twitter bootstrap explains all about the frame in one sentence. It defines as, “Sleek, intuitive and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.” Thus bootstrap is the absolute tool that helps you design responsive web designs in varied innovative ways.

How Bootstrap is advantageous to Responsive website development:

Looking at the number of advantages Bootstrap provides to responsive website development; we come up with a decent list that shows all the plenty of things this open source project by twitter provides to the Admin or enterprise owners and the website designers who are constantly into development and designing of responsive websites and web applications. Here below are some of the important advantages of Twitter bootstraps to responsive admin/enterprise applications or websites.
  • It offers global styles for the desired body to reset the background and type, link styles and two straightforward layouts.
  • It provides varied styles for common interface components like the page headers, navbars, alerts, pills, and tabs.
  • It also offers various JavaScript Plugins like models and Popovers.
  • Twitter bootstrap provides you awesome basic styles for usual HTML elements including codes, buttons, typography, and tables.
  • Apart from all the advantages, the best thing about twitter bootstrap is it is exclusively easy to learn and understand.

How a Responsive web design work:

The most important thing which makes a responsive web design work is a CSS which comprises of designs & styles which are compatible for different device kinds & sizes. There are some front end techniques like media a query which detect the size of a device in which the contents are to be viewed or detect the size of the device viewpoint while a web page is about to loaded on a particular device. Once the size of the viewpoint of the device is detected, then the styles which are specific to the device are loaded.

How to get started with twitter bootstrap and Extending bootstrap:

To start with the twitter bootstrap you need to visit the home page and then download the framework present over there. The greatest thing about this twitter bootstrap is it aids you to customize as per your requirements. Bootstrap allows you to turn on and off the various things like CSS, UI components, and JavaScript Plugins. Twitter bootstraps allow you with two options including Fixed and Fluid. The former option performs only when you have your web application hundred percent width and make use of all the required width of the display. However in a case of the latter option, you do not require the 100% widescreen, and can simply go for an alternative 940 px. Now coming to the extending bootstrap form; twitter bootstrap is absolutely accomplished with almost all the necessary things which a front end web developer would require developing a responsive app or site. Plugins like jQuerry UI bootstrap theme, Bootstrap color picker, Font awesome and the hack like forms inside bootstrap dropdowns are packed in the twitter bootstrap. The font awesome plugin has 70 icons made by twitter bootstrap in a single file of CSS. The Bootstrap color picker help you in picking colors as per your choice while the jQuerry UI bootstrap is the most important and popular plugin used by all front-end developers and helps in designing interactive web designs. The hack form of twitter bootstrap Forms inside bootstrap dropdowns which help in creating login forms in easy-to-use bootstrap dropdowns.  

Final Oration:

With the knowledge of twitter bootstrap the development of highly interactive, modern and innovative responsive Admin and enterprise web applications or websites have been very much possible in recent times where one has so much option to customize the styles as per preferred requirements in quick time and in an easier way.

Can i get readymade admin themes ?

Yes, There are plenty of free and paid responsive admin themes available. I have tried to list some of them here.

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