Real Time IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions

Roles and Responsibility in IT Project Management

In IT Project management,  coordinator ideally perform many task during whole day. And this role covers a lot of responsibility in the organization like.

  • IT Project coordinator involve from initial step of project to last step of project until  delivery source code of project to client.
  • He/She keep eye on the tasks after the planning phase.
  • Project Coordinator’s role is to coordinate activities and scheduling all task and Notify any task schedule to the project manager. Reporting to PM if any coordination issues which Coordinator cannot be resolved.
  • Needs to define teams which is made with competent skilled person.
  • Project coordinators have expertise on scheduling.
  • Schedule all task using IT project management tool to defined those task to selected team members for the project.
  • Ideally, After getting final approval from PM for any activity, the project coordinator schedule all task of any project, making certain that all scheduling conflicts are resolved with routine updates with help of PM.
  • Update all information and report to project manager about any issue during execution of any task at end of the the day.
  • Project coordinator keep eye on on all phases for the project and gives day to day update to client and project manager.
  • Inform accountant after all work done of any project to generate invoice and task list for daily report for all project.
  • Depending on the skills and experience of the Project Coordinator, he/she can also be involved in the Quality and Requirements Management Areas as well if coordinator has that much expertize.
  • Basically in, Project co-coordinator is subset of project manager. So she/he is reduced work of project manager. He/She can perform administrative duties like maintenance of project documentation, plans and reports.


  • IT project coordinator’s major challenge is that he/she hasn’t that much authority like Project Management. Project coordinator always seeking help from PM to finalize any decision related to project and she needs PM to resolve any issue/conflict in any project. That is the key reason why PM is on demand.
  • Everyday, She/he used to talk with different skilled person like designer, client, developer & project manager to solve any query in any of the project.
  • Sometimes developer says something and clients want something else. So that part is most challenging to conduct. Sometimes client do not understand technical query so it is hardest part to explain him. And sometimes developer get confuse what client actually needs because sometimes client use dual statement for the same task.
  • In any organization, Multicultural people exist. So It is challenging duties to resolve any conflict ion between two person who comes from different background. Project coordinator have to explain them they all are part of this company. And company never achieve any success if one of them is not being part of any work in the company. Basically, It is team effort when any project is successful in the organization.

She/he will bring following advantages to the project

  • Reduce communication of PM in the any of the project
  • Time Zone Management means Project’s coordinator managing different time zone while dealing with foreign client  to resolve any query in the project.
  • Cross Cultural Management including HR issues.
  • Creating Teams based on competencies and skills. For example in Agile development process for Enterprise Development, there are two people working as “Pairs” where in a more experienced developer is paired with a relatively less experience developer or a new team member to bring the person up to a particular level. The IT project coordinator can decide which team members or developers will be paired.
  • Assign any task based on the competencies of the team members as he/she knows the team member’s limitations.


Research indicates strong relation between trust and productivity. Based on trust productivity is increase or decrease. One more challenge for coordinator to achieve trust from all team members while you are working with leading IT Company.

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