Online Watch Selling Ionic Mobile App

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Project Description

This is the Cross Platform eCommerce Mobile App is for Online watch selling services. Our .Net Developers team specialized for Ionic app development, created such a fully user friendly cross platform mobile app. So |User able to work on any well on any mobile platform like iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, Windows phone, Windows tablets, Blackberry etc. This Ionic mobile app having an attractive UX/UI Design with easy touch and good user experience. During the Ionic app project we use the following Microsoft .NET technologies, Let’s we take a look.

What Microsoft tools and technologies we used for Ionic mobile app development?

Our .NET Ionic app developers team used the following framework and technology for the development:

  • Ionic Framework
  • Cordova
  • Angular JS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as back end

What we have done during the on going Ionic mobile app development project?

Our Core works for the mobile application development with web application:

  • User friendly mobile App UI/UX designing.
  • The mobile app screens we covered like Home screen, Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Category listing screens, Products listing screen with Products full details.
  • Crown sync tool (Synchronize products from Biz to Crown database, category mapping from biz to crown database).
  • Web Services Development.
  • Web Application Development.
  • Mobile app testing and code security.

Why should eCommerce business Person choose Ionic apps platform to develop mobile app?

  • Develop once run on every mobile platforms.
  • Affordable pricing because of single time development.
  • Maintenance is very less of single app.
  • Save time with single time app Management.
  • Easy to upgrade app into latest versions.