NopCommerce: The Ultimate and Affordable Open Source Solution for eCommerce Business

Are you planning an online business You might be searching for a good eCommerce solution for running in a progressive way with enhanced functionality & performance of your business online. Well! So if you have an eCommerce website in your mind, we must keep you informed about the newest technology in eCommerce; i.e. nopCommerce which is considered as the ultimate open source eCommerce solution.

nopCommerce has gained some real great momentum in the past few months and has been taken as the most preferred choices for developing as well as launching eCommerce websites. Reasons for the huge popularity of nopCommerce in quick times are many. We will be discussing the beneficial features of nopCommerce for an eCommerce solution. But prior to that let us take a quick overview of this Open source eCommerce solution.

Overview on nopCommerce

nopCommerce is a modest, secure & extendable eCommerce cms platform that has many advantages over the traditional platform. This newest technology is actually an

ASP .NET MVC 4.0 based

open source solution for eCommerce, which utilizes MS SQL backend database. It can rightly be said nopCommerce is totally customized and very much user-friendly. Since this is an open source platform, the source code is available for quick, easy and free download.
nopCommerce 3.30 version is the latest milestone achieved by the software developers in April 2014; which plays a transcendent role in providing the ultimate open source eCommerce solution to various online businesses. This advanced version on nopCommerce supporting the features like nopCommerce multistore and multiple vendors is definitely a revolutionary development to manage all your eCommerce websites from one single admin panel.

Special Features of nopCommerce 3.30 that makes it count at the top

nopCommerce as a new technology in eCommerce have some real great features added to it that make the online businesses run their eCommerce sites in an easier, customized, stable and flexible manner. Among all the features the most crucial feature of nopCommerce is its pluggable modular architecture which enables some extra functionality and presentation elements that can be added dynamically to the application. This particular feature of nopCommerce makes it easy to build & manage your eCommerce website.

Why choose nopCommerce from Satva Solutions for your E-Commerce Store

There have been many reasons behind the growing likeliness of nopCommerce. It can be said that majority of SAAS based eCommerce companies are not flexible enough to develop features you want. Now have a look at the special features which Satva solutions nopCommerce provides you for enhancing the performance of your eCommerce site and make out the advantages of having nopCommerce in eCommerce.

  • The installation is easy and the setup is very much quick & you can run the software in just a few minutes.
  • Being an open source platform, the source code is available on the internet for free & easy downloads.
  • Skilled developers and designers are available for any kind of customization based on needs. Additionally, you can go for annual development and support packages from companies.
  • You can have control over your own version of the code and have all your customers stored in Database securely.
  • The mobile device support of this nopCommerce makes it more of a popular eCommerce solution.
  • Dozens of responsive themes are available in the market. We have created  free theme please chek it out
  • There is multicurrency and multilingual support.
  • The pluggable architecture makes an easy addition to additional functionality and presentation elements to the application at runtime.
  • This open source eCommerce solution is supported by an active community
  • It is stable, flexible and extendable. Along with it is very much user-friendly.
  • nopCommerce is SEO friendly. This means, your eCommerce site becomes SEO friendly and thus it turns more appealing to the search engines.
  • The facebook & twitter authentication are the most crucial features provided by nopCommerce.
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