How to Create the Alternates (Using Shape Tracing) in Orchard CMS

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Here is one more experience of mine. I hope it will be helpful.

During My Orchard CMS project, one of my tasks is using Shape tracing to create alternates, I have thought that We are regularly using Shape tracing and create Alternates. But the main Question is “There are different types of alternates in it. How can we get the Idea which one is the perfect alternative in which we get the appropriate content?”

Hence, till the completion of the project, I have got the Idea how can we achieve this. That is the thing which I want to share with you.

First of all, We should have Knowledge about Alternates and Shape Tracing?


In Orchard CMS, Alternates are the variation of shape which is used to render the content. And also You can customize default content of the Orchard. In Addition, Alternates are useful when you have different Contents and want to customize the appearance of that content.

Basically, Alternates are nothing but one type of View, in which you can render the content and also customize it.

Shape Tracing:

Now, I think you get that what is Shape Tracing?. Shape Tracing is the tool by which you can create Alternates. And also It is a Module that is used to render the shape.


Orchard CMS is using Shape Tracing to render content with multiple Alternates so how can we get the Idea that what is the perfect alternative for customizing our View?

Solution :

Here is the way that you can get it. Let’s Take some example of it.

Example # 1: Suppose I am creating a view of the page which has the listing. And I want to change the appearance of that view so I am creating alternate of that. Now that’s the question that which alternative I Choose which have sufficient content among this?

This is the way you can think and take the decision :

Example #2 :

If there is the listing screen so but obviously there would be the Detail screen also. So, This is the second Example regarding this.If you are creating alternate View of particular Detail page, you can decide like this :

As you can see Detail Page have the different type of Options/ Alternatives.

Options :

But you can choose by this angle check Snapshot :

There are lots of other examples in it and also various Alternatives are there.But These are the main two Problem which is most of in use.

Conclusion :

You can try and you can also get the more ideas how we can easily get the alternate View. Because if we won’t get the right alternates, it will not give you proper Content.

For More Details Refer :

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