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Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Salesforce Developers. Who are using Sandbox environment for changes and apply in active organization. And I am going to explain how to deploy package from Sandbox to production in salesforce. Hope this will help to the Salesforce Development Community.

Problem: I am working in salesforce to do some auto update functionality. And for that I need to develop one trigger but it was not possible in active organization so that I have created trigger in Sandbox environment.

Now, I need that trigger in My Active organization.

Solution: For the above Problem. I have to Create one Outbound Change Sets in Sandbox environment and Upload it to Production environment So that I can deploy this trigger in My Active organization. Let’s do this by following below steps.
Step 1: First of all go to setup of your Sandbox environment, Click on gear icon and from there click on setup will open new setup window for you.

Step 2: Now, write Out-bound in Quick find and Click on Outbound Change Sets in Sandbox.

Step 3: Now Create New Change Sets for outbound in Sandbox.


Step 4: Now Add Change Sets.

Step 5: Now Select Change Sets.

Step 6: Now Upload Change Sets.

Step 7: Now Select Organization where we want to send Change Sets from Sandbox.

Step 8: Now Login with your active Organization and go to Inbound Change Sets.

Step 9: Now Click on Update Order Using Trigger Change Sets will redirect to another page.

Step 10: After Click on deploy will display new screen from where we have to select Test class.

Step 11: Deployment Start.


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