How to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store – Step by Step

Nopcommerce is one of the best open source eCommerce portal developed in MVC. Here we have written easy to use and handy guide about batch import products in Nopcommerce store. kindly follow the below steps for bulk import products as well exporting through excel file in NopCommerce store.

Steps to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store

  • Login to Nopcommerce Store Administration. -> Open Catalog Menu-> Products -> Manage Products page.

  • Click on Export to Excel (All) button, Which will download all existing products.

  • Some rules which you must not break when working with excel file for bulk product import.

  • Do not delete any columns from Excel and don’t change any of the headers (column names, like ‘Name’) or casing of the headers.

  • Now all you have to do is copy a row and paste it at the bottom,  Now update Product Name, Description etc fields in the new row.

  • Make sure you do not change categoryid column, which makes sure that product will be uploaded to a category you wanted.

  • For change category id, here you have two options.

  • Open Edit category page from Admin and copy number are given at end of URL in browser typical URL looks like

  • Go to Manage Products page again and select the checkbox in front of a product which belongs to the same category for which you need categoryId, Now click on Export to Excel (selected), downloaded excel file should contain category id.

  • Notice Picture column in excel. and note down the physical full path for where images are being stored.

  • Upload all Original images to thumbs folder in your hosting directory using FTP or file manager. default thumbnail path in Nopcommerce installation is content images thumbs.
    Note: Nopcommerce stored image in database as binary as well it has facility to store image in File System

  • Now update your excel file’s Picture 1 , Picture 2 etc. columns with full physical path on server.

  • You must have to delete existing product rows in excel once you have copied categoryid and physical path of image. unless you are planning to update Product descriptions.

  • After that, just save excel file and upload it by click on Import from Excel button. Sometime you might get following error when you try to upload xls file “Can not open the package. Package is an OLE compound document “. To solve this error,  you need to Save XLS file to latest MS office Excel format with extension XLSX.

  • You should see success message once all products are imported.

  • Test above process with 1-2 products first then go for importing it in bulk.

This instructions are written when we tried batch importing products on shared hosting. Given steps might very depending on hosting provider you choose. I hope that this article is useful for bulk import product in your nopCommerce store development. If you would like to hire an expert Nopcommerce developers then you can request a free quote us now.

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