How Much Does It Cost to Launch eCommerce Business Using nopCommerce

NopCommerce is the top most rated application provided by Microsoft .Net Web platform installer. it is a real advanced form of open source eCommerce solution that is stable, flexible, secure and extendable. which holds a lot of surprising features that aids in better performance or functionality of an eCommerce website. This has actually attracted many online firm owners take the benefits of nopCommerce in eCommerce.

Satva Solutions offer this newest technology in eCommerce development, the open source solution for the eCommerce websites of our clients. It is our pre-eminent duty to make them very much known to the total cost it takes to launch an eCommerce business using nopCommerce. So, here below we have mentioned about the prices of each individual features of this open source eCommerce solution. it also presents in front an approximate total budget that would cost an online business owner while taking advantages of nopCommerce in the eCommerce business site.

1Basic Cost
Open source GPLv3 License plus the “powered by nopCommerce” text requirement on every single page.
2Hosting charge
Various purpose hosting: Business, corporate, enterprise eCommerce site hosting available.
Various hosting solutions: Shared Webhosting, windows cloud servers, dedicated servers, Windows VPS hosting.
  • For business: $3.75 p/m
  • Corporate: $7.50 p/m
  • Enterprise: $9.50 p/m
  • Shared hosting: $3 p/m
  • Windows cloud servers:$20 p/m
  • Dedicated servers: $150 p/m
  • Windows VPS hosting: $15p/m
3License removal cost
Copyright removal per domain permits the removal of “Powered by nopCommerce” link in the bottom of the footer.
 $ 50.00
4Readymade Themes$90-$300
5Custom Themes or Theme customization
  • Powerful photo gallery with product slideshow features.
  • SEO friendly images & graphics.
  • Integrated with a custom payment gateway.
  • Fast loading templates.
  • Custom nopCommerce modules integration.
Starting from $100 to $400
6Plugin development
The use of highly powerful & customizable plugins helps in reducing the nopCommerce development time. helps in providing a user-friendly navigation, enhanced performance & functionality of the online store and ultimately helps in improving sales.
 $40 to $300 as per the features offered in the packages.
7Customization rate hourly range
Developers usually charge the customization rate for hour and with Satva Solution you find expertise customization at reasonable customization rate
Starting from $6 per hour
8Support/Maintenance Package
This feature assures your site is supported & well maintained time to time with updated features & all the features being updated as per changing requirements
$ 350 to 800  annually
9New feature development rangeStarting from $10 per hour
TOTAL BUDGETStarting from

Now if you are willing to go for nopCommerce in your eCommerce website for business. you can keep a minimum budget of $750 (excluding the yearly maintenance and support package. i.e. minimum of $350 for development and customization service charges) and reach us for the service. As a matter of fact, the cost of launching your eCommerce website with nopCommerce does depend on your requirements. Higher the features employed, higher is the cost. Moreover, the total cost of your eCommerce site with nopCommerce also depends on your website, how complicated & how simple it is. In case your site catalog has up to 1000 SKUs the Cost would be somewhere around $1000. if it is an enterprise site with more than 1000 SKUs you might need an approximate total of $4000 on a budget.

Tip: Here is quickstart guide for setting up NopCommerce by Microsoft using WebMatrix 2

Walkthrough Installation
Walkthrough Installation
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