How to Check Network Connection at Every Second in Ionic App

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Ionic app developers. Who are using Cordova-network plugin for checking Internet connectivity. And I am going to explain a network related problem. Which I faced during development of the Ionic app using MS visual studio and Mac OS. Hope this will help to the Ionic app development community.

Problem: I am working in Ionic (using visual studio tools for apache cordova) In my mobile application. Especially, when I have more than 15 pages. Thus, I need to check internet connectivity available or not on every action. But I can’t find any solution that globally checks Connectivity of Internet.

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Solution: For the above Problem. I have to Create one factory services for start clock to execute my function. It is for check Internet connectivity after every time interval. Which I have saved in start clock.

Step 1: First of all, Create factory services for call network function after every time interval set by a user.

Click Here to download Network Service file.

Step 2: Create Calling function in an app.js file after Ionic Platform Ready. Thus, Which checks Internet connectivity after every time interval which is set by a user.

Click Here to download function code of app.js file

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