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Umbraco 7 Custom Form development using MVC controller

Umbraco 7 is one the best and powerful CMS platform based on MVC. You can also create a custom form in Umbraco. You can easily create a custom form in Umbraco using Razor view and Partial view. Umbraco 7 controllers need to inherit from SurfaceController for creating custom form methods in MVC. Let's discuss how you can create a stunning custom web form in Umbraco 7 cms system. here I am going to explain step by step web form customization in MVC. These are some steps to create a custom form in Umbraco 7. Create a model that will [...]

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Top Resources to Learn UMBRACO 7 CMS Open source in Asp.Net MVC

Introduction to Umbraco 7 CMS Umbraco 7 is one the best and powerful Content Management System(CMS) based on Asp.Net MVC and it is open source available for the development. Let me explain first, why should you choose only Umbraco 7 cms system? It is a very friendly and easy to use content management system(cms) with automated upgrades, unlimited hosting and very easy to deploy. it's the smarter and more productive way to build content management system(cms). Because of an easy user interface, you can concentrate on your productivity rather than see how your technology works. Umbraco 7 cms have been [...]

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A Fully Featured Open Source Content Management System: Umbraco-The Choice of Organizations

Amazing Talk about Umbraco CMS If you are managing an organization; it is obvious you are very much known about CMS or the Content management system. There are many contents on websites which usually requires publishing every new day or requiring regular updating, there are many things over online websites which require managing or maintaining time to time so as to run a fully functional website. CMS is one such system program which enables you to manage contents of your website; which manages the work flow in a collaborative manner where the content editing or managing can be passed to [...]

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How to sort Menu items in Umbraco ?

Here is the solution for sort menu items in Umbraco and you can setup menu in Umbraco by this way by your requirement to customize the Umbraco theme. It's not easy to find a sorting order of Umbraco content page.  please go over following steps to sort content pages in the order you wish them to be displayed on website's header menu. Just right click on the content tree then select 'sort'. you will get a list of all pages then you can sort it by drag and drop. click Save. You can get more help for Umbraco development and [...]

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