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Real Time IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions

Roles and Responsibility in IT Project Management In IT Project management,  coordinator ideally perform many task during whole day. And this role covers a lot of responsibility in the organization like. IT Project coordinator involve from initial step of project to last step of project until  delivery source code of project to client. He/She keep eye on the tasks after the planning phase. Project Coordinator’s role is to coordinate activities and scheduling all task and Notify any task schedule to the project manager. Reporting to PM if any coordination issues which Coordinator cannot be resolved. Needs to define teams [...]

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Preview website on dummy DNS – Website Testing without DNS Migration

In this article, I will show you how to test and preview website on your local network or local PC without registering a domain name or worrying about DNS migration time. This is the time-saving trick for preview website on dummy DNS without affecting to website data or designing. Here we are going to mention all the steps to create dummy domain name system(dummy DNS) without registration with the screenshot. So that you can check the live website preview on local DNS, most important for showing your developed website to clients and share URL through which client able to test [...]

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Customize NopCommerce: Show Manufacturers or Brands on Home page

We are at Satva Solutions, we provide nopCommerce customization services to the worldwide. In this article, I am going to show you how to display Manufacturers or Brand list in a grid with an image on nopCommerce store home page. Desired output would look like following: Below are the Steps for Display Manufacturers or brands list on home: Steps 1: Add following file _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml in folder Themes<YourActiveThemeName>ViewsCatalog Step 2: paste following text in _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml @model IList<ManufacturerModel>; @{ Layout = null; } @using Nop.Web.Models.Catalog; <section class="our_client"> <h4 class="title"><span class="text">Manufactures</span></h4> <div class="row"> @foreach (var manufacturer in Model) { <div class="span2"> <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Manufacturer", [...]

SMS and Call Integration in Asp.Net by Twilio API Services

SMS API integration by Twilio API Twilio API is one of the best platforms to send SMS and Automated calls through programming. Twilio API has excellent documentation and it has .net wrapper developed using RestSharp. Sample codes are also available. One of our projects had a requirement to have SMS notification to be sent to a customer, So we wanted to integrate SMS with Twilio API in Microsoft Project. The only thing which we could not find is that our project Assembly needs to be installed in GAC(global assembly cache) and in order to install an assembly in GAC [...]

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Show Discount Tag or Sticker on Product Image in NopCommerce Theme Customization

Customize nopCommerce theme with discount tag or sticker for every product. here is the solution for how to setup discount tag or any offer tag on all product list in nopCommerce store. While on adding a Discount tag on Product I found that we have two options available: 1)  The first option is to use NopCommerce Product Sticker Plugin. It is a really nice plugin with good amount customization and support, worth $40 spent. 2)  The second option is to make it custom, simple and free. NopCommerce forum post contains an example for adding discount percentage % but code [...]

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How to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store – Step by Step

Nopcommerce is one of the best open source eCommerce portal developed in MVC. Here we have written easy to use and handy guide about batch import products in Nopcommerce store. kindly follow the below steps for bulk import products as well exporting through excel file in NopCommerce store. Steps to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store Login to Nopcommerce Store Administration. -> Open Catalog Menu-> Products -> Manage Products page. Click on Export to Excel (All) button, Which will download all existing products. Some rules which you must not break when working with excel file for [...]

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Download list of Countries in format ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and Sql and CSV file

Whole worlds Country Code in three alphabets format as per ISO 3166-1 is given on Wikipedia. but there is lots of manual work for making them available for using in web application database. I have attached ready to use for Microsoft SQL server at bottom of post and with minor modification, it can be used for MySql database as well. Download SQL File Download CSV file Preview /****** Object: Table [dbo].[CountryCodeISO] Script Date: 13-May-14 3:49:07 PM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET [...]

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simple json c# correct way to deserialize dictionary

We are using RESTSharpLibrary to work with third party REST based API Which by default support XML and JSON deserialization. but their documentation for Deserialization is covered with a limited simple example. which was not sufficient to help us consume Complex JSON output. We are using to convert JSON string to C# class. Which works perfectly when JSON string is in a simple structure. but when it comes to Deserialize to JSON to Dictionary<string, class> then class generated using fails. For example: Consider following complex JSON response which requires Dictionary<string, class>. JSON : "response":{ "1007":{ "total":{ "inStock":10, [...]

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