How to Schedule Email to be Sent on Future Date in nopCommerce Store?

  Well, In The nopCommerce store provides by default email functionality through which we are able to send email from the system in the real time scenario. But if suppose, we wanted to be sent email in future timing or on a specific date and time. And Is it possible to send email again to the customer? Now, not need to be more confuse. Let's discuss the topic how to schedule email sending later. And in this blog, I will explain you with the coding for that solution in nopCommerce store. Client's Requirement: My client wants to send two [...]

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Fully Featured Drestyle nopCommerce Fashion Theme

Latest featured DreStyle nopCommerce fashion theme design in 2017. DreStyle is responsive nopCommerce fashion theme which can be used according to your needs and requirements. It includes a lot of custom theme designing features. This nopCommerce theme design is Fully responsive, customizable and Compatible with nopCommerce 3.8. Theme contains clean and bespoke design features, furnished by our professional nopCommerce theme designers. Our success is that you will get the quality theme product and reduce your time to market for the launch of an eCommerce store. Here, DreStyle nopCommerce theme design contains lots of unique features and also enabled powerful [...]

Get Christmas Holiday Plugin for Your nopCommerce Stores

 What is nopCommerce Holiday Notice & Effects Plugin? This nopCommerce plugin is developed for displaying customized holiday messages related to offering or delivery of order during Christmas season and also you can enable snowflake effects on all the nopCommerce pages. In addition, you can enable sticky footers of Christmas effects. We design fully responsive and attractive looks and feel of nopCommerce holiday plugin. So this plugin will work for your mobile users as well. Store customers/buyers can read holiday notices and offers directly when they open any page on your store. Here are The Key Features of Our Christmas Holiday [...]

Preview website on dummy DNS – Website Testing without DNS Migration

In this article, I will show you how to test and preview website on your local network or local PC without registering a domain name or worrying about DNS migration time. This is the time-saving trick for preview website on dummy DNS without affecting to website data or designing. Here we are going to mention all the steps to create dummy domain name system(dummy DNS) without registration with the screenshot. So that you can check the live website preview on local DNS, most important for showing your developed website to clients and share URL through which client able to test [...]

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Get Settings by Vendor in Multi-Vendor nopCommerce Store

Setup for Multi-Vendor nopCommerce Store First of all, In this article, I will show you how to get and set settings like a tax, shipping settings for each vendor. which means you should be able to store all settings for multiple vendors in nopCommerce admin. as well you should be able to retrieve each setting on nopCommerce Front-end as per your need. nopCommerce is an open source eCommerce solution for the shopping cart that built in the ASP.NET MVC based with MS SQL Server 2008 as a backend database. In nopCommerce by default, it doesn't give the functionality of [...]

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Booksgujari Ecommerce Website Launched Using Nopcommerce Template Development

Satva Solution, we specialized in nopCommerce Development, our services includes nopCommerce theme integration, nopCommerce template development, up-gradation to the word wide clients. We provide a nopCommece solution for e-commerce website, small business solutions and enterprise level solution. Booksgurjari was one of the best online order books provider. We have a collection of RARE books and paintings which are collected from family and friends and their friends and so on. This eCommerce Website Offers two different ways of acquiring site: 1. Don't miss an opportunity to own precious books. 2. Every month lucky reader will be announced on 1st week [...]

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Customize NopCommerce: Show Manufacturers or Brands on Home page

We are at Satva Solutions, we provide nopCommerce customization services to the worldwide. In this article, I am going to show you how to display Manufacturers or Brand list in a grid with an image on nopCommerce store home page. Desired output would look like following: Below are the Steps for Display Manufacturers or brands list on home: Steps 1: Add following file _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml in folder Themes<YourActiveThemeName>ViewsCatalog Step 2: paste following text in _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml @model IList<ManufacturerModel>; @{ Layout = null; } @using Nop.Web.Models.Catalog; <section class="our_client"> <h4 class="title"><span class="text">Manufactures</span></h4> <div class="row"> @foreach (var manufacturer in Model) { <div class="span2"> <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Manufacturer", [...]

Show Discount Tag or Sticker on Product Image in NopCommerce Theme Customization

Customize nopCommerce theme with discount tag or sticker for every product. here is the solution for how to setup discount tag or any offer tag on all product list in nopCommerce store. While on adding a Discount tag on Product I found that we have two options available: 1)  The first option is to use NopCommerce Product Sticker Plugin. It is a really nice plugin with good amount customization and support, worth $40 spent. 2)  The second option is to make it custom, simple and free. NopCommerce forum post contains an example for adding discount percentage % but code [...]

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How to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store – Step by Step

Nopcommerce is one of the best open source eCommerce portal developed in MVC. Here we have written easy to use and handy guide about batch import products in Nopcommerce store. kindly follow the below steps for bulk import products as well exporting through excel file in NopCommerce store. Steps to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store Login to Nopcommerce Store Administration. -> Open Catalog Menu-> Products -> Manage Products page. Click on Export to Excel (All) button, Which will download all existing products. Some rules which you must not break when working with excel file for [...]

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How to Set up a New Default Theme in NopCommerce

It's fairly simple to set default theme in NopCommerce latest version. kindly follow the below steps for setup nopCommerce theme. Open admin page Now open Configuration menu Click on  Settings=> General and Miscellaneous Settings, which will open page On the first tag choose a radio button in front of the theme which you want to load by default. Click Save, and you are done. Refresh Public store page to see the theme you selected to be loaded by default in admin. Satva Solutions also providing nopCommerce theme installation services. If you will finding any difficulties into installing eCommerce theme [...]

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