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How to Create Change Sets in SalesForce – SalesForce Developer Help

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Salesforce Developers. Who are using Sandbox environment for changes and apply in active organization. And I am going to explain how to deploy package from Sandbox to production in salesforce. Hope this will help to the Salesforce Development Community. Problem: I am working in salesforce to do some auto update functionality. And for that I need to develop one trigger but it was not possible in active organization so that I have created trigger in Sandbox environment. Now, I need that trigger in My Active organization. Solution: For the above Problem. I have to [...]

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What is Asp.Net Core Middleware? How to Use Middleware in Web Application?

 Introduction to Asp.Net Core Middleware: In Simple term, if we say what is Middleware than it’s nothing but a bridge between Database and application. Let’s say, in Asp.Net Core Middleware are also bridge provider between two components. Middleware determines How to responds to HTTP Request in Asp.Net Core. So let’s say Middleware are software component which is assembled into an application to handle request and response to performing some actions before or after next component Invoke. Suppose in our application we need to handle an error in a different way, when we are in development mode then we handle error [...]

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How to Schedule Email to be Sent on Future Date in nopCommerce Store?

  Well, In The nopCommerce store provides by default email functionality through which we are able to send email from the system in the real time scenario. But if suppose, we wanted to be sent email in future timing or on a specific date and time. And Is it possible to send email again to the customer? Now, not need to be more confuse. Let's discuss the topic how to schedule email sending later. And in this blog, I will explain you with the coding for that solution in nopCommerce store. Client's Requirement: My client wants to send two [...]

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How to Code for Sharing Image and URL in Xamarin Form App Development?

Problem definition: Recently I faced the problem while working on Xamarin Form App development. Where we have been assigned work to share coupon images on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and SMS services. Xamarin form app development does provide share plugin but this plugin requires an image to be stored on your device itself. So basically the problem is that images are loading directly from Cloud-based storage into a image view. Hence, we have to share the coupon which other users. Another problem is that Facebook app doesn’t allow to share custom message when sharing image according [...]

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How to Check Network Connection at Every Second in Ionic App

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Ionic app developers. Who are using Cordova-network plugin for checking Internet connectivity. And I am going to explain a network related problem. Which I faced during development of the Ionic app using MS visual studio and Mac OS. Hope this will help to the Ionic app development community. Problem: I am working in Ionic (using visual studio tools for apache cordova) In my mobile application. Especially, when I have more than 15 pages. Thus, I need to check internet connectivity available or not on every action. But I can’t find any solution that [...]

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What is Firebase? Why and How to Setup Firebase?

What is Firebase? Firebase is real-time database using cloud technology. That permits you to make application without server side coding and Rest APIs. All the database related action will be managed by firebase. So, you just need to focus on Front side. Rest of all back end side will be managed by firebase services like user management, User authentication, database management, Synchronization of data etc. We just need to do some settings on our website or mobile apps for using firebase services. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Firebase cloud database? Based on my ongoing R&D in December [...]

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How to Setup Default Loading Image before real product image loads in Ionic applications?

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow iOS10 app developers who are using Ionic/Cordova framework. I am going to explain the problem of setup loading image. which I faced during development of an ionic app using Microsoft visual studio and Mac OS. Hope this will help to mobile app development community or individual Ionic app developer. Problem: I am working in Ionic (using visual studio tools for apache Cordova) In My Ionic application. Suppose, I need to display default loading image before actual product image loads. Because my page was not looking good until my actual product images are not [...]

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Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Build Failed: Error code 65 for command when using Xcode 8 and iOS 10

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow developers who are using visual studio tools for apache Cordova with or without an ionic framework. I am going to explain the problem which I faced during development of an ionic app using MS visual studio and Mac OS. hope this will help to the community. Problem: Earlier was running my Ionic app with Xcode 7.2 and IOS 9.2 using visual studio tools for apache Cordova. Its was working fine and automatically detect Provisional Profile for my app. But when I have to upgrade My Xcode from version 7.2 to Xcode 8 version [...]

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Real Time IT Project Management Challenges and Solutions

Roles and Responsibility in IT Project Management In IT Project management,  coordinator ideally perform many task during whole day. And this role covers a lot of responsibility in the organization like. IT Project coordinator involve from initial step of project to last step of project until  delivery source code of project to client. He/She keep eye on the tasks after the planning phase. Project Coordinator’s role is to coordinate activities and scheduling all task and Notify any task schedule to the project manager. Reporting to PM if any coordination issues which Coordinator cannot be resolved. Needs to define teams [...]

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How to Implement jQuery Ajax Error handling in ASP.NET MVC Project

This article is for solving a problem of jquery ajax error facing in Asp.Net MVC projects. The problem with Ajax Errors: During in programming, We have plenty of Ajax methods in our MVC project. The problem is that some methods were broken. so that, we having not get exactly in which methods the issue was arises. this is actually because of jquery ajax error. The solution for Ajax Errors: We can solve issues two ways: Handling error for individual methods. Handling error using a single(Global) method. If we handle error for individual methods. it will take lots [...]

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