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How To Improve Performance By Purify and Minify CSS In Orchard CMS Systems With Gulp

  What will be your thought about why a website will take more time to load which contains a large number of pages with having a custom design? The reason is all images, styles and scripts which loads with a website. Why this is the reason because usually styles are not minified and purified (purified CSS means CSS which not contains any extra and unused classes). So, it will take more space and size of the file is increased. So, it will take more time to load the web pages. That’s why we are doing the purification and minification of [...]

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How to Create the Alternates (Using Shape Tracing) in Orchard CMS

Hi Friends, Here is one more experience of mine. I hope it will be helpful. During My Orchard CMS project, one of my tasks is using Shape tracing to create alternates, I have thought that We are regularly using Shape tracing and create Alternates. But the main Question is "There are different types of alternates in it. How can we get the Idea which one is the perfect alternative in which we get the appropriate content?" Hence, till the completion of the project, I have got the Idea how can we achieve this. That is the thing which I want [...]

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Display List Depended on Dropdown Values in Orchard CMS

Hi Friends, Today I am sharing with you my recent experience with orchard. There is one challenging thing which I did is display lists as per dropdown values. Like if I change or I choose one of the dropdown value then it will show some lists regarding that value. Problem: I had task during my project in Orchard CMS. The task was display lists depends on dropdown value also another extendable task was to display one or more lists depends on dropdown value. I had completed it. Thus, I am sharing with you, It may [...]

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How to Add Vimeo or Youtube Background Video to Orchard CMS

Hi, Today I am going to discuss Add Vimeo or Youtube Video in Background using Orchard CMS systems. Problem: Generally, Orchard CMS systems already provides inbuilt functionality for adding background video that is "Vimeo Field" Module. You may also find it from Orchard Gallery. So, using this method all working fine and you will succeed to get the outcomes. Let's See the Example how you can simply add Vimeo Video using VimeoField. Step #1: First of all, you need to install Vimeo field module from Orchard Gallery. After installing you can [...]

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Top Resources to Learn UMBRACO 7 CMS Open source in Asp.Net MVC

Introduction to Umbraco 7 CMS Umbraco 7 is one the best and powerful Content Management System(CMS) based on Asp.Net MVC and it is open source available for the development. Let me explain first, why should you choose only Umbraco 7 cms system? It is a very friendly and easy to use content management system(cms) with automated upgrades, unlimited hosting and very easy to deploy. it's the smarter and more productive way to build content management system(cms). Because of an easy user interface, you can concentrate on your productivity rather than see how your technology works. Umbraco 7 cms have been [...]

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How to Integrate Orchard CMS with Asp.Net MVCForum

Orchard is Content Management System (CMS) for managing dynamic content. It is very useful for making a dynamic site, dynamic forms etc. We had implemented site in Orchard. We wanted to implement MVCForum in orchard site for posts, comments, discussions. So we had created child application in our original site but when I tried to run child application it was giving an error of razor views. Finally, we found that problem occurred because of Web.Config of Main ( i.e. Orchard ) project. When we add MVCForum as child application it will also run The Web.Config of main ( i.e Orchard )  project. Orchard uses a different version of razor [...]

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How to Change Class of Paging in Orchard CMS

Orchard is Content Management System (CMS) for managing dynamic content. It is very useful for making dynamic orchard site, dynamic forms etc. We had implemented Orchard cms site with theme customization. Theme design was easily implemented using a custom theme. But we were not able to implement the design of paging. It was using a class of orchard paging. So it was displaying default design of Orchard paging. Here is the solution to change default pagination class in Orchard cms system, kindly follow the below instructions. Open Orchard.WebCoreShapesCoreShapes.cs file. Find method "Pager_Links". Find Shape.Classes.Add("pager") in method. Set your class name instead of "pager". For Example, [...]

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The ERP-eCommerce Integration: The new aware about a successful integrated system!

ERP eCommerce Integration Services The business strategy occurring via electronic systems like the internet; is pretty known in today’s business world. Most noteworthy, eCommerce has been moving a step forward in current days. Thus, Much successful eCommerce SAAS players like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3Dcart etc. Hance, it has been providing an access to their eCommerce systems using API(Application Programming Interface) or web services. So, which are actually serve as the means of communications between two machines or two applications over the internet. APIs are the set of tools used to make software applications. So, Finally, [...]

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