What is Asp.Net Core Middleware? How to Use Middleware in Web Application?

 Introduction to Asp.Net Core Middleware: In Simple term, if we say what is Middleware than it’s nothing but a bridge between Database and application. Let’s say, in Asp.Net Core Middleware are also bridge provider between two components. Middleware determines How to responds to HTTP Request in Asp.Net Core. So let’s say Middleware are software component which is assembled into an application to handle request and response to performing some actions before or after next component Invoke. Suppose in our application we need to handle an error in a different way, when we are in development mode then we handle error [...]

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Schedule Windows Service or Console App using Microsoft SQL JOB

First of all, What is a SQL JOB? Let me explain, a JOB is a specified series of actions that SQL server agent performs. Use JOBs to define an administrative task and it can be run one or many as times and monitored either success or failure. A SQL JOB can run on one local or multiple remote servers. That's it. NOW! Suppose we want to run windows application on a specific time interval. Especially, There is one way to create a job scheduling using Quartz and here I am going to introduce one another way which is not commonly [...]

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What is ASP.NET Core? Advantage(Pros) of ASP.NET Core Technology

Introduction to ASP.NET Core: The core is new Modular web framework of Microsoft and .net community which run with windows.Net Framework and cross platform like Mac, Linux. Asp.Net Core is open source and support cross platform with introducing CLI (Command Line Application (dotnet.exe)). Asp.Net core (In Past known as vNext) is base on ASP.NET core and we can develop and deploy on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And ASP.NET core also used in Mobile, Cloud, IOT based Solution and Mobile Back-end. Asp.Net core also provides Cloud base environment. [...]

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Retrieve more than 1000 Records from Microsoft Dynamics GP customer

Here is the trick for MS Dynamics GP programming. The first thing, there is no any paging facility provide in Microsoft GP. And Microsoft GP API calls return 1000 record, but what if you want to load all the data. Let's we take one example for deeply understand.   Suppose, If you have 10,000 customer records in the RM00101 table, you will only receive the first 1000 of them when you call the GetCustomerList method with no criteria, now, what to do if you want to receive remaining data.   Here is the sample C# code for Customer List [...]

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Enable theme customization dynamically in ASP.Net MVC

Introduction for Theme Customization in ASP.Net MVC In ASP.Net MVC Theme Customization Dynamically, User able to customize the theme on the website through custom theme's settings from the admin panel to change the theme color, backgrounds, side panels, custom menus, portfolios and more functionality of the website using LESS file in ASP.Net MVC. For example, To set two types of colors, one is a light colored theme and another is a dark colored theme. User able to change theme color using Less files and it will be reflected in the whole theme in ASP.Net MVC. Here we are using LESS [...]

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Preview website on dummy DNS – Website Testing without DNS Migration

In this article, I will show you how to test and preview website on your local network or local PC without registering a domain name or worrying about DNS migration time. This is the time-saving trick for preview website on dummy DNS without affecting to website data or designing. Here we are going to mention all the steps to create dummy domain name system(dummy DNS) without registration with the screenshot. So that you can check the live website preview on local DNS, most important for showing your developed website to clients and share URL through which client able to test [...]

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Deadlock in the Entity Framework(EF6) Issue Resolved – SQL Server Solution

How to prevent and resolve deadlock problem in SQL Server? In this article, I will share how do I solve entity framework deadlock issue. Recently, I faced one common but a big issue related to deadlock in the entity framework(EF6). we are working on the entity framework as data access layered project. Project based on job scheduling using background services, having SQL server operations like add, update, delete etc. Using SQL server transaction of entity framework(EF) which is update data in more than 10 tables in a single transaction. So that, we are driving SQL server data from those [...]

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Job Scheduling in ASP.NET MVC website using Quartz scheduler

In this article, I will show you how to schedule a job in ASP.NET MVC using quartz scheduler library. Introduction Every ASP.Net MVC Developers know that how to create ASP.Net MVC web applications that run in the background but most of the time such background tasks are handled by creating windows service with timer or console based application. we are going to discuss one job scheduling in ASP.Net MVC program by using quartz DLL libraries. Now you have an MVC web based application where you want to perform job scheduling(run some tasks in a background) by quartz job scheduler as [...]

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How to Implement jQuery Ajax Error handling in ASP.NET MVC Project

This article is for solving a problem of jquery ajax error facing in Asp.Net MVC projects. The problem with Ajax Errors: During in programming, We have plenty of Ajax methods in our MVC project. The problem is that some methods were broken. so that, we having not get exactly in which methods the issue was arises. this is actually because of jquery ajax error. The solution for Ajax Errors: We can solve issues two ways: Handling error for individual methods. Handling error using a single(Global) method. If we handle error for individual methods. it will take lots [...]

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Resize images using Image Processor in c#

What is it Image Processor? Image Processor is contain many libraries which is written in Asp.Net C#. it is also known as media processor. in which you can easily manipulate images using Asp.Net 4.5+ in C#. It has multiple methods to manipulates images, it uses Image Factory class. Problems with Resigning Images: I have developed a project in Umbraco cms and I want to display only one image in multiple pages with vary in sizes. In the image folder, I saved an image with different size. For example, TestImage_200x200.jpg,    TestImage_400x400.jpg. but this is not a proper way. The solution [...]

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