How to Apply Asp.Net Core Identity in Asp.Net Core

Hello Developers, Interesting Topic .NET CORE Identity and also we will discuss few things about OWIN. So Let’s Start. Before to start Core Identity let’s aware of OWIN. OWIN stands for Open Web Interface for .NET. Now Let’s talk about What is it and main question Why we use it? OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The goal of the OWIN interface is to decouple server and application, encourage the development of simple modules for .NET web development, and, by being an open standard, stimulate the open source ecosystem of .NET web development tools. [...]

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How To Do Entity Framework Core Scaffolding Process In Asp.Net Core

Hi, Today we are discussing how to scaffolding in core 1.x and 2.0. Before Starting Scaffolding let us discuss few questions. What is Scaffolding? Scaffolding is a great way of kick-starting model-view-controller (MVC) framework development. Visual Studio's MVC Scaffolding uses templates to generate the routine code that is common to all ASP.Net MVC builds, such as data access and Web API. It allows the developer to concentrate on what is unique to the application. How is Scaffolding working till Entity Framework 6.0? There is an option of Ado.Net [...]

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What is ASP.NET Core? Advantage(Pros) of ASP.NET Core Technology

Introduction to ASP.NET Core: The core is new Modular web framework of Microsoft and .net community which run with windows.Net Framework and cross platform like Mac, Linux. Asp.Net Core is open source and supports cross-platform with introducing CLI (Command Line Application (dotnet.exe)). Asp.Net core (In Past known as vNext) is base on ASP.NET core and we can develop and deploy on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And ASP.NET core also used in Mobile, Cloud, IOT based Solution and Mobile Back-end. Asp.Net core also provides Cloud base environment.RELATED: How to Apply Asp.Net Core [...]

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