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Challenges in Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with Magento

Introduction In this article, I am going to put some light on different ways to connect Microsoft dynamics GP from Magento, Magento is using PHP language. So, I am going to show different integration options available for a PHP developer to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides two types of web services Legacy Service Native Service Why has MS Dynamics GP two services? First of all, what ASMX web service? Basically, ASMX web services are easy to use and are hosted on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IIS). This web service is developed in 2001-2002 when .net framework 1.1. Now [...]

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Benefits of API Integration Services in Website Development

This Article is on What is API, API Integration services in Websites and Why it is Important for Every Business. What do you mean by API? In computer programming, an application programming interface(API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. you can check to see more about API. In API Integration, APIs often come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. Also, other cases, notably SOAP and REST services, an API is simply a specification of remote calls exposed to the API consumers. we continue our [...]

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How to add Full Calendar in Asp.Net Mvc Application?

Full Calendar is a plugin that provides a full-sized, drag & drops events in the calendar. It uses AJAX to fetch events and is easily configured to use your asp.net application. It is visually customizable with a rich API. These are steps to get the Full calendar in ASP.Net MVC application. Create new MVC Application. Add fullcalendar.css in Application. Add a view to display full calendar. Modify Ajax Events as per your application requirement. => Add division for a calendar in View as follows. <div id="calendar"></div> Add Javascript for display full calendar as follows. Here we have [...]

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Combine Asp.net Identity Web Api and MVC Best in a Single Web App

ASP.NET Identity As the membership story in ASP.NET has evolved over the years, the ASP.NET team has learned a lot from feedback from customers. The assumption that users will log in by entering a username and password that they have registered in your own application is no longer valid. The web has become more social. Users are interacting with each other in real time through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites. ASP.NET MVC developers want users to be able to log in with their social identities so that they can have a rich experience on their [...]

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The ERP-eCommerce Integration: The new aware about a successful integrated system!

ERP eCommerce Integration Services The business strategy occurring via electronic systems like the internet; is pretty known in today’s business world. Most noteworthy, eCommerce has been moving a step forward in current days. Thus, Much successful eCommerce SAAS players like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3Dcart etc. Hance, it has been providing an access to their eCommerce systems using API(Application Programming Interface) or web services. So, which are actually serve as the means of communications between two machines or two applications over the internet. APIs are the set of tools used to make software applications. So, Finally, [...]

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