What is Full-Text Search? Implementing SQL Server Full-Text Search In An ASP.NET MVC Websites With Entity Framework

Hello Busy MVC Developers! Today here, I am going to introduce What is Full-Text Search in SQL Server? and How do we can implement modern products searching options in ASP.NET MVC eCommerce websites with Entity Framework for .NET MVC developers. What is Full-Text Search in ASP.NET eCommerce Websites? In easy terms, Full-Text Search depends on the indexing of character information, creating it lots faster to perform matches against the index than the scans needed by the SQL statements that use sort predicate. Full-Text looking is additionally plenty more flexible than using sort predicate, that solely supports the wildcard operator. [...]

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How to Create Change Sets in SalesForce – SalesForce Developer Help

Introduction: This article applies to those fellow Salesforce Developers. Who are using Sandbox environment for changes and apply in active organization. And I am going to explain how to deploy package from Sandbox to production in salesforce. Hope this will help to the Salesforce Development Community. Problem: I am working in salesforce to do some auto update functionality. And for that I need to develop one trigger but it was not possible in active organization so that I have created trigger in Sandbox environment. Now, I need that trigger in My Active organization. Solution: For the above Problem. I have to [...]

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How to Make ComplexType of Dynamic Query in Entity Framework?

 Introduction: This article applies to those developers who use visual studio tools and Entity Framework for developing an MVC application, Here I am going to explain my problem which I face during the development of an MVC application using Entity Framework. Problem: Earlier when I write a simple procedure for my application, I easily make the ComplexType without any problem. but after sometimes I need to make that procedure dynamic, I have made the change in procedure. So that, it returns the result what I expect. But problem is that entity framework doesn't provide me complexType for a dynamic procedure. [...]

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What is Asp.Net Core Middleware? How to Use Middleware in Web Application?

 Introduction to Asp.Net Core Middleware: In Simple term, if we say what is Middleware than it’s nothing but a bridge between Database and application. Let’s say, in Asp.Net Core Middleware are also bridge provider between two components. Middleware determines How to responds to HTTP Request in Asp.Net Core. So let’s say Middleware are software component which is assembled into an application to handle request and response to performing some actions before or after next component Invoke. Suppose in our application we need to handle an error in a different way, when we are in development mode then we handle error [...]

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Schedule Windows Service or Console App using Microsoft SQL JOB

First of all, What is a SQL JOB? Let me explain, a JOB is a specified series of actions that SQL server agent performs. Use JOBs to define an administrative task and it can be run one or many as times and monitored either success or failure. A SQL JOB can run on one local or multiple remote servers. That's it. NOW! Suppose we want to run windows application on a specific time interval. Especially, There is one way to create a job scheduling using Quartz and here I am going to introduce one another way which is not commonly [...]

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How to Schedule Email to be Sent on Future Date in nopCommerce Store?

  Well, In The nopCommerce store provides by default email functionality through which we are able to send email from the system in the real time scenario. But if suppose, we wanted to be sent email in future timing or on a specific date and time. And Is it possible to send email again to the customer? Now, not need to be more confuse. Let's discuss the topic how to schedule email sending later. And in this blog, I will explain you with the coding for that solution in nopCommerce store. Client's Requirement: My client wants to send two [...]

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How to Code for Sharing Image and URL in Xamarin Form App Development?

Problem definition: Recently I faced the problem while working on Xamarin Form App development. Where we have been assigned work to share coupon images on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and SMS services. Xamarin form app development does provide share plugin but this plugin requires an image to be stored on your device itself. So basically the problem is that images are loading directly from Cloud-based storage into a image view. Hence, we have to share the coupon which other users. Another problem is that Facebook app doesn’t allow to share custom message when sharing image according to [...]

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What is ASP.NET Core? Advantage(Pros) of ASP.NET Core Technology

Introduction to ASP.NET Core: The asp.net core is new Modular web framework of Microsoft and .net community which run with windows.Net Framework and cross platform like Mac, Linux. Asp.Net Core is open source and support cross platform with introducing CLI (Command Line Application (dotnet.exe)). Asp.Net core (In Past known as vNext) is base on ASP.NET core and we can develop and deploy on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And ASP.NET core also used in Mobile, Cloud, IOT based Solution and Mobile Back-end. Asp.Net core also provides Cloud base environment. [...]

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ASP.NET MVC Verify if Minification of CSS is Working Properly or Not?

In this article we are discussing how to verify minification of CSS is working or not in Asp.Net MVC. First of all, what is Minification in Asp.Net? Minification is the technique you can use in ASP.NET to improve request load time. Minification improves loading time by reducing the number of requests to the server. Hence it reducing the size of requested CSS and JavaScripts. Minification performs a lot of different coding optimizations to CSS, such as removing unnecessary white space, comments and shortening variable names to one character. Now, Our main issue is How to verify if minification of CSS [...]

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