Benefits of API integration

This Article is on What is API, API Integration services in Websites and Why it is Important for Every Business.

What do you mean by API?

In computer programming, an application programming interface(API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. you can check to see more about API.

In API Integration, APIs often come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables. Also, other cases, notably SOAP and REST services, an API is simply a specification of remote calls exposed to the API consumers. we continue our discussing with Asp.Net MVC API Integration services.

How Asp.Net MVC API works?

API allows programmatic access to desired information from Application and either consume data returned from API server or make a correction to existing data residing in API server.  It enables two different systems to talk to each other as per rules are given in API documentation.

Benefits of API Integration

API Integration in Asp.Net MVC Websites conquers the world by making everyday things easier: share photos, like pages, browse online maps, database, etc. However, API technology can be used as well for business purposes. For instance, API provides an opportunity to increase market share via adding integration of e-Commerce software with 30+ shopping carts APIs like. Volusion API, 3dcart API, Square API etc are an example of API.

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To speed up time-to-market

  • APIs can significantly speed up a time to market of new products and service features.
  • stakeholders are encouraged to contact the API Integration services provided by our experienced Asp.Net Developers team if there is a problem in order to maintain time-to-market speed advantage.
  • Businesses today use several applications and require them to be integrated so that business processes as a whole, perform seamlessly. However, application API integration services are often processes themselves and take long to implement.
  • An example? Imagine that you use three applications – one for your accounts, one for customer relationship management and another to send marketing emails to your customer base. Alone, all three might be fabulous, but when combined – they become far more powerful.

Shared Business Functions

  • In the same way that many business applications store redundant data, they also tend to implement the redundant functionality. Multiple systems may need to check whether a social security number is valid, whether the address matches the specified postal code or whether a particular item is in stock. It makes business sense to expose these functions as a shared business function that is implemented once and available as a service to other systems. at that situation, a software company can provide the custom API integration services solution for extends the functionality of the business.

How API Integration is Useful for Business Class Problem Solution

Above example shows typical scenario when API integration services are required. When you’re all business contacts are stored in customer relationship management software(CRM) and every time you need to bill your client that time you might have to export contacts or manually enter them in your Invoicing application or accounting application like QuickBooks APIs and ZOHOBooks APIs. Now API integration services do a very good job by offloading this manual work and automates the task of contact synchronizations between your CRM system and Accounting Application.

Another example is when you want to send monthly newsletters to your website newsletter subscribers or your customers then you may have to export contacts manually from your CRM application and import them back in Email Marketing software. API integration services run in the background and finish manual work.

So now you understand how API Integration works!!

Above example is a just hypothetical example of API integration services. In Real world, Most of the business owners who are running eCommerce are in need of such API integrations services, especially when a merchant is selling same products on multiple eCommerce channels like amazon, Magento, eBay, sears etc. and they want to aggregate all orders into one system for accounting and tax purpose. such integrations are called eCommerce API Integration or ERP integration. there is a whole new market for such integrations and integrator companies who provide services of eCommerce API Integration  At Satva solutions We provide API integration services with top most eCommerce providers like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, WooCommerce etc. Feel free to request for quote at Satva Solution.

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