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What is Full-Text Search? Implementing SQL Server Full-Text Search In An ASP.NET MVC Websites With Entity Framework

Hello Busy MVC Developers! Today here, I am going to introduce What is Full-Text Search in SQL Server? and How do we can implement modern products searching options in ASP.NET MVC eCommerce websites with Entity Framework for .NET MVC developers. What is Full-Text Search in ASP.NET eCommerce Websites? In easy terms, Full-Text Search depends on the indexing of character information, creating it lots faster to perform matches against the index than the scans needed by the SQL statements that use sort predicate. Full-Text looking is additionally plenty more flexible than using sort predicate, that solely supports the wildcard operator. [...]

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Deadlock in the Entity Framework(EF6) Issue Resolved – SQL Server Solution

How to prevent and resolve deadlock problem in SQL Server? In this article, I will share how do I solve entity framework deadlock issue. Recently, I faced one common but a big issue related to deadlock in the entity framework(EF6). we are working on the entity framework as data access layered project. Project based on job scheduling using background services, having SQL server operations like add, update, delete etc. Using SQL server transaction of entity framework(EF) which is update data in more than 10 tables in a single transaction. So that, we are driving SQL server data from those [...]

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