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Chintan is the founder of Web & Mobile App Development company SatvaSolutions and possess a broad knowledge of Enterprise Software Technologies and helps to small and medium business with their technology needs by consulting and providing service in web development and designing to excel their business. Apart from the technical skills & experience; he is a professional technical writer who loves to blog on various technical contents; especially on the software technologies used in website development, mobile and mobile apps development. His passionate works in technical writing include putting forward all the latest technologies arriving in the technology sector. Read forward this blog of Chintan and get to know some of the advanced technologies and features involved in the process of web development and mobile development.

simple json c# correct way to deserialize dictionary

We are using RESTSharpLibrary to work with third party REST based API Which by default support XML and JSON deserialization. but their documentation for Deserialization is covered with a limited simple example. which was not sufficient to help us consume Complex JSON output. We are using to convert JSON string to C# class. Which works perfectly when JSON string is in a simple structure. but when it comes to Deserialize to JSON to Dictionary<string, class> then class generated using fails. For example: Consider following complex JSON response which requires Dictionary<string, class>. JSON : "response":{ "1007":{ "total":{ "inStock":10, [...]

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Open source Content management Sytems (CMS) using MVC

Orchard CMS Orchard CMS has huge community modules, themes. some of them are free others available at reasonable price. Read More. Umbraco  Umbraco is considered as WordPress competitor. and indeed it has huge community support and comes with lots of features, nicely documented, and video help is available.The only disadvantage seems its user interface, which is not as intuitive as it should have been. there is a nice discussion to go over before choosing Umbraco. Read more. Pirana CMS Comes with lots of features as mentioned here. but [...]

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Get NopCommerce theme free

We are going to launch free responsive theme for one of best open source e-commerce platform. update: we have release free theme.Download NopCommerce Free Template “Shopper” Following is early preview of theme.

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