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Chintan is the founder of Web & Mobile App Development company SatvaSolutions and possess a broad knowledge of Enterprise Software Technologies and helps to small and medium business with their technology needs by consulting and providing service in web development and designing to excel their business. Apart from the technical skills & experience; he is a professional technical writer who loves to blog on various technical contents; especially on the software technologies used in website development, mobile and mobile apps development. His passionate works in technical writing include putting forward all the latest technologies arriving in the technology sector. Read forward this blog of Chintan and get to know some of the advanced technologies and features involved in the process of web development and mobile development.

New trend to use Responsive Admin/Enterprise applications and role of twitter bootstrap!

A much-known web development or web application technology which is at its handsome level of likeliness among the developers and the website owners; is Responsive Web Design and Development or the Responsive Web Application. Having the best of viewing experience in any website means; having a clear view of the web contents and the navigation through the web pages in any device, irrespective of the device size. In today’s world mobile users have become increasingly high and with this, the development mobile friendly websites have also increased in a good way. There are some tools that make feasible to develop [...]

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How to Set up a New Default Theme in NopCommerce

It's fairly simple to set default theme in NopCommerce latest version. kindly follow the below steps for setup nopCommerce theme. Open admin page Now open Configuration menu Click on  Settings=> General and Miscellaneous Settings, which will open page On the first tag choose a radio button in front of the theme which you want to load by default. Click Save, and you are done. Refresh Public store page to see the theme you selected to be loaded by default in admin. Satva Solutions also providing nopCommerce theme installation services. If you will finding any difficulties into installing eCommerce theme [...]

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The ERP-eCommerce Integration: The new aware about a successful integrated system!

ERP eCommerce Integration Services The business strategy occurring via electronic systems like the internet; is pretty known in today’s business world. Most noteworthy, eCommerce has been moving a step forward in current days. Thus, Much successful eCommerce SAAS players like Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3Dcart etc. Hance, it has been providing an access to their eCommerce systems using API(Application Programming Interface) or web services. So, which are actually serve as the means of communications between two machines or two applications over the internet. APIs are the set of tools used to make software applications. So, Finally, [...]

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Release of First Android App on Google Play | eLearning Mobile App

At Satva Solution, We are Mobile app and Website Development company based in India, our experienced android app developers have recently developed a unique eLearning app for Android mobile. Now, We are celebrating our first launch of this eLearning app for on Google Play.  here in this article described the some of the Advance and unique functionalities of this educational mobile app. The app is made for Reputed driving a school of UK called "SmartLearner". which allows learners to practice for theory Exam taken by DVSA (Govt Authority conducting exams). Features of the Theory App include: Easy to [...]

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Importance Of Maintain And Support Your Apps After The Mobile Apps Development.

Development has no end. Success does require endless support and maintenance of the developed product Same implies to the mobile application development and their support & maintenance. The Soon after a mobile application is developed by a mobile app developer; it becomes necessary to start the process of Support and maintenance. This makes it important to pass the developed app to the maintenance group which begins with the maintenance procedures and then to the support group for further improvement and user support. The maintenance of mobile application actually involves the fixing of any application defects and thus improves a [...]

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How to Find Your Best Mobile App Developer?

A popular quote on mobile comes as “The world is turning mobile.” Mobile technology is reaching sky height today. People in their day to day life have accepted mobile as their highest priority gadget and anyone cannot think of a single day without this magical gadget. And with the growth of the number of mobile users, there has been a subsequent growth in the wonderful mobile technology called the mobile app developing technology. This has made the mobile app developers or the app developing companies dedicate their best towards keeping self-updated with all the latest developments in the single platform as [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Launch eCommerce Business Using nopCommerce

NopCommerce is the top most rated application provided by Microsoft .Net Web platform installer. it is a real advanced form of open source eCommerce solution that is stable, flexible, secure and extendable. which holds a lot of surprising features that aids in better performance or functionality of an eCommerce website. This has actually attracted many online firm owners take the benefits of nopCommerce in eCommerce. Satva Solutions offer this newest technology in eCommerce development, the open source solution for the eCommerce websites of our clients. It is our pre-eminent duty to make them very much known to the total cost [...]

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NopCommerce: The Ultimate and Affordable Open Source Solution for eCommerce Business

Are you planning an online business You might be searching for a good eCommerce solution for running in a progressive way with enhanced functionality & performance of your business online. Well! So if you have an eCommerce website in your mind, we must keep you informed about the newest technology in eCommerce; i.e. nopCommerce which is considered as the ultimate open source eCommerce solution. nopCommerce has gained some real great momentum in the past few months and has been taken as the most preferred choices for developing as well as launching eCommerce websites. [...]

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Download list of Countries in format ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and Sql and CSV file

Whole worlds Country Code in three alphabets format as per ISO 3166-1 is given on Wikipedia. but there is lots of manual work for making them available for using in web application database. I have attached ready to use for Microsoft SQL server at bottom of post and with minor modification, it can be used for MySql database as well. Download SQL File Download CSV file Preview /****** Object: Table [dbo].[CountryCodeISO] Script Date: 13-May-14 3:49:07 PM ******/ SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET [...]

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nopCommerce Free Template “Shopper”

We are glad to release free Responsive eCommerce Theme Design. which is made for great nopCommerce Development  based on MVC framework. This nopCommerce Free Theme especially for eCommerce shopping cart application by our professional nopCommerce Designers. You should check below advanced features of nopCommerce Free Template. Get customized your unique eCommerce store by our free nopCommerce template design. Features of this nopCommerce Theme Design Fully customizable as per your eCommerce business requirements. Comfortable with NopCommerce version 3.2 ,3.3 and 3.40. Fully responsive theme based on Twitter Bootstrap framework version 3 Mobile ready with easy access every features and module. [...]