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Chintan is the founder of Web & Mobile App Development company SatvaSolutions and possess a broad knowledge of Enterprise Software Technologies and helps to small and medium business with their technology needs by consulting and providing service in web development and designing to excel their business. Apart from the technical skills & experience; he is a professional technical writer who loves to blog on various technical contents; especially on the software technologies used in website development, mobile and mobile apps development. His passionate works in technical writing include putting forward all the latest technologies arriving in the technology sector. Read forward this blog of Chintan and get to know some of the advanced technologies and features involved in the process of web development and mobile development.

ASP.NET MVC Verify if Minification of CSS is Working Properly or Not?

In this article we are discussing how to verify minification of CSS is working or not in Asp.Net MVC. First of all, what is Minification in Asp.Net? Minification is the technique you can use in ASP.NET to improve request load time. Minification improves loading time by reducing the number of requests to the server. Hence it reducing the size of requested CSS and JavaScripts. Minification performs a lot of different coding optimizations to CSS, such as removing unnecessary white space, comments and shortening variable names to one character. Now, Our main issue is How to verify if minification of CSS [...]

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Fully Featured Drestyle nopCommerce Fashion Theme

Latest featured DreStyle nopCommerce fashion theme design in 2017. DreStyle is responsive nopCommerce fashion theme which can be used according to your needs and requirements. It includes a lot of custom theme designing features. This nopCommerce theme design is Fully responsive, customizable and Compatible with nopCommerce 3.8. Theme contains clean and bespoke design features, furnished by our professional nopCommerce theme designers. Our success is that you will get the quality theme product and reduce your time to market for the launch of an eCommerce store. Here, DreStyle nopCommerce theme design contains lots of unique features and also enabled powerful [...]

Get Christmas Holiday Plugin for Your nopCommerce Stores

 What is nopCommerce Holiday Notice & Effects Plugin? This nopCommerce plugin is developed for displaying customized holiday messages related to offering or delivery of order during Christmas season and also you can enable snowflake effects on all the nopCommerce pages. In addition, you can enable sticky footers of Christmas effects. We design fully responsive and attractive looks and feel of nopCommerce holiday plugin. So this plugin will work for your mobile users as well. Store customers/buyers can read holiday notices and offers directly when they open any page on your store. Here are The Key Features of Our Christmas Holiday [...]

Challenges in Microsoft Dynamics GP integration with Magento

Introduction In this article, I am going to put some light on different ways to connect Microsoft dynamics GP from Magento, Magento is using PHP language. So, I am going to show different integration options available for a PHP developer to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides two types of web services Legacy Service Native Service Why has MS Dynamics GP two services? First of all, what ASMX web service? Basically, ASMX web services are easy to use and are hosted on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IIS). This web service is developed in 2001-2002 when .net framework 1.1. Now [...]

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Customize NopCommerce: Show Manufacturers or Brands on Home page

We are at Satva Solutions, we provide nopCommerce customization services to the worldwide. In this article, I am going to show you how to display Manufacturers or Brand list in a grid with an image on nopCommerce store home page. Desired output would look like following: Below are the Steps for Display Manufacturers or brands list on home: Steps 1: Add following file _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml in folder Themes<YourActiveThemeName>ViewsCatalog Step 2: paste following text in _ManufacturerHomePage.cshtml @model IList<ManufacturerModel>; @{ Layout = null; } @using Nop.Web.Models.Catalog; <section class="our_client"> <h4 class="title"><span class="text">Manufactures</span></h4> <div class="row"> @foreach (var manufacturer in Model) { <div class="span2"> <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Manufacturer", [...]

NEWS: NopCommerce 3.40 has removed support for Jquery Mobile based website

As on 17 th July 2014 nopCommerce has released a latest version with a great enhancement to performance. as well many of bugs of the prior version are fixed. But according to their release notes they have removed jquery mobile based views, which would work only if mobile website option is turned on from an administration of Store. Major reason to remove jQuery Mobile from nopCommerce is that it used to require good amount of  time to maintain separate jquery mobile based layout and views so now because of removal of jQuery mobile based views time on designing theme and [...]

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SMS and Call Integration in Asp.Net by Twilio API Services

SMS API integration by Twilio API Twilio API is one of the best platforms to send SMS and Automated calls through programming. Twilio API has excellent documentation and it has .net wrapper developed using RestSharp. Sample codes are also available. One of our projects had a requirement to have SMS notification to be sent to a customer, So we wanted to integrate SMS with Twilio API in Microsoft Project. The only thing which we could not find is that our project Assembly needs to be installed in GAC(global assembly cache) and in order to install an assembly in GAC [...]

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Show Discount Tag or Sticker on Product Image in NopCommerce Theme Customization

Customize nopCommerce theme with discount tag or sticker for every product. here is the solution for how to setup discount tag or any offer tag on all product list in nopCommerce store. While on adding a Discount tag on Product I found that we have two options available: 1)  The first option is to use NopCommerce Product Sticker Plugin. It is a really nice plugin with good amount customization and support, worth $40 spent. 2)  The second option is to make it custom, simple and free. NopCommerce forum post contains an example for adding discount percentage % but code [...]

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A Fully Featured Open Source Content Management System: Umbraco-The Choice of Organizations

Amazing Talk about Umbraco CMS If you are managing an organization; it is obvious you are very much known about CMS or the Content management system. There are many contents on websites which usually requires publishing every new day or requiring regular updating, there are many things over online websites which require managing or maintaining time to time so as to run a fully functional website. CMS is one such system program which enables you to manage contents of your website; which manages the work flow in a collaborative manner where the content editing or managing can be passed to [...]

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How to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store – Step by Step

Nopcommerce is one of the best open source eCommerce portal developed in MVC. Here we have written easy to use and handy guide about batch import products in Nopcommerce store. kindly follow the below steps for bulk import products as well exporting through excel file in NopCommerce store. Steps to Bulk Import Products in Nopcommerce Store Login to Nopcommerce Store Administration. -> Open Catalog Menu-> Products -> Manage Products page. Click on Export to Excel (All) button, Which will download all existing products. Some rules which you must not break when working with excel file for [...]

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