A Fully Featured Open Source Content Management System: Umbraco-The Choice of Organizations

Amazing Talk about Umbraco CMS

If you are managing an organization; it is obvious you are very much known about CMS or the Content management system. There are many contents on websites which usually requires publishing every new day or requiring regular updating, there are many things over online websites which require managing or maintaining time to time so as to run a fully functional website.

CMS is one such system program which enables you to manage contents of your website; which manages the work flow in a collaborative manner where the content editing or managing can be passed to many individuals and the users can modify them without changing the overall website design & structure, without any loss of the organization control; thus making the user-friendly Umbraco cms & navigable website available to public.

There are numbers of web CMS available for the organizations, and Umbraco CMS is one of the best choices for a major percentage of site owners or organizations’ head. Umbraco is fully featured open source CMS which allows a flexible way for running smaller to larger sites in an absolute workable manner. The flexibility, simplicity, and the unlimited potential of this web CMS platform for publishing or modifying web contents; makes it a popular source for content management over online having its functionality in more than 110, 000 websites.

This current blog will keep you informed about Umbraco CMS in a neat way where you will be familiar with all its features and get to know the story behind the success of this free & flexible web content management system. So let us not waste time and quickly dive into our area of interest below.

Special Features Of Umbraco CMS:

Umbraco Content management system is a highly recommended open source platform which helps in smooth running of any type of website and its web contents. It is actually free to use, easy & simple to understand open source web content management system which is built on Microsoft .NET framework and uses standard languages like HTML, CSS, jQuery, and C#. The flexible features of Umbraco help you in the easy organization of website contents and thus are highly recommended by most professional web designers and coders. Here below are some special features of this flexible open source Umbraco cms.

  • Master Site, special Page templates and Style sheets
  • Special Notification, version, audit trail and rollback
  • A well functional publishing schedule
  • Built-in media library
  • A flexible WYSIWYG Content editor
  • Configurable user roles
  • Dynamic features like navigation menus, a site search option, and site map

The Story Behind Success Of Umbraco CMS: Advantageous features of Umbraco!!

“There is always a success story for everything that is popular!”Coming to Umbraco CMS, it can be rightly said that the popularity of this open source cms platform has mainly reached because of the exclusive features that make its use simple, easy, flexible and highly extensible; allowing the maintenance of a highly functional and updated organization website. Now counting on the various advantageous features which make Umbraco the choice of Organizations; here we come up with the list below.

  • You can edit your web pages as per your requirements and as you want your users to see them. The WYSIWYG content editor feature allows you doing this.
  •  There is a stunning advantage of Umbraco cms for the features like notification, version, audit trail and rollback; which helps you view when any content editing is done and also informs about the person who has edited.
  • There is the publishing schedule which aids you to know about when a content is published and when it is removed
  • Umbraco assures you about a consistent potential presentation of your website contents via its special master site and exclusive page templates & style sheets.
  • All your web contents, images, videos, text etc are organized in a proper way via the built-in media library of Umbraco CMS and thus there is the benefit of easy findings on all of them during publishing.
  • The greatest advantage of the Umbraco cms is open source system is that access to some crucial sections in the website is restricted and requires user login Id and password.
  • The dynamic feature of navigation menus, site map, and content search options help you make your edited or newly published contents available to your users without any broken link.
  • Another great feature of Umbraco CMS is that the RSS feed can be published in any of the web pages of your website and from any outside source. These actually add more value to a spot for latest news & information and thus help in attracting more visitors.
  • Apart from all these, there are many customizable features which help in easy customization of your contents as per your choice.

Satva Solutions: Open Source Umbraco CMS Development Services

Satva Solutions Content Management System Services are highly appreciated by the existing customers because of the exclusive use of Umbraco CMS in all the web projects. We intend towards developing user-friendly and easy-to- navigate client websites, and our Umbraco CMS experts assist us growing the best out of us.
We offer Umbraco CMS service primarily via three means; including Umbraco with support, Umbraco without support and Umbraco with premium support. The pricing also varies accordingly. We would also inform you that Satva Solutions have also facilitated the service with the flexible option of two version, including Free and Professional.
If you want to take our Umbraco CMS Development services or want to know more about the open source product-Umbraco; please feel free to contact us.

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